The FastCamera FC1700 is a high-speed 17 megapixel digital camera system, using a CMOS imager with an electronic global shutter, or rolling shutter. This camera has a high-speed, scalable, integrated FPGA, image processor, and memory subsystem which enables stand-alone high speed in camera image processing and extended storage. Options include ruggedized, Expanded Camera Link output, Gigabit Ethernet output, and in camera recording. When integrated with a high powered frame grabber /coprocessor board, the resulting system capabilities can be expanded by adding processors and memory on the board according to the needs of the user.

FastCamera FC1700 Key Features:

  • High Resolution 
    • 2048 X 1536 resolution (3.146 Mpixel)
    • 5.0 u,m(H) X 5.0 u,m(V) per pixel 
    • 10.24 mm (H) x 7.68 mm (V) 4:3 sensor active area
    • HDTV 2/3" ROI optical format (11.00mm) 
    • 9.6 mm (h) x 5.4 mm (v) 16:9 sensor active area
  • Variable speeds
    • 1 fps to 180 fps at 2048x1536 (4 Ports)
    • 1,2 or 4 port operation (one port 1/4 speed)
    • Up to 648 Mega pixels/sec. (4 ports)
  • High sensitivity and dynamic range
    • 66 to 492 mV/electron selectable 
    • >120 dB w/High Dynamic Range (HDR) extension
    • < 6 electrons rms noise rolling shutter
    • < 8 electrons rms noise global shutter
    • 1.4 Volt full scale range
    • >62 dB dynamic range single read, global shutter
    • >70 dB dynamic range single read, rolling shutter
  • Excellent Image Quality
    • 2 Bit Distributed A/D
    • Up to 22 Bit with dual gain sampling
    • Allows for all pixels to be sampled at high and low gain for extreme dynamic range in one exposure
    • Correlated Multi-Sampling(CMS) – for reduced noise
    • Dual exposure on alternate rows for HDR
    • 12 bit LUT to control output and compress video
  • Multiple operating modes
    • Rolling Shutter or Global shutter
    • High Dynamic Range Enhanced mode
    • Region Of Interest (ROI)
    • Binning within column- digital
    • Single, Dual, or Quad data rate




FastCamera FC1700 Diagram





  • Image averaging
  • By pixel gain and offset calibration
  • Programmable ROI (via serial port)
  • Image sub-sampling
  • Convolution filtering
  • Binarization with dynamic threshold
  • VHDL customizable processing
  • Optional programmable processor
  • Processor option provides programmable logic controller functions
  • Super framing (Multiple exp/image)
  • Customer programmable (C/C++, OpenCL)






  • Monochrome with or w/o Micro-lens
  • Bayer Pattern Color
  • Back Side Illumination
  • UV Enhanced QE Delta Doped
  • Glass / Fused Silica / No Window




  • Base, Medium or Full Camera Link
  • Camera LinkTM interface supported




  • 107 mm x 98 mm x 19 mm
  • 6 Pin Hirose Power Connector
  • +5 Volt Input 4Watts (w/o CPU)
  • External Trigger In and Out
  • 0 to 50 Degree C operating
  • Weight < 310 grams




  • Spartan 6 Xilinx FPGA
  • High speed buffer memory




  • FastCamera FC1700 uses RS-644 serial communication as specified in the Camera LinkTM standard
  • The RS-644 serial connection in the Camera LinkTM interface is used to issue commands to the camera for changing modes and parameters