The FastX1703-DIG is a raw-length PCI board with two input connectors. Each connector supports 16 data bits, 10 general purpose inputs, and 6 general purpose outputs. Clock rates up to 166 MHz can be supported. All the inputs and outputs are connected to an FPGA on the board are essentially available for any purpose required by the interface. The front-end data is formatted and preprocessed by a FPGA before being sent to the memory subsection, zero to four Nexperia PNX1702 VLIW processors before output. Finally, the Fast-X-DIG interfaces to the host computer through a 4 x PCIe interface for state-of-the-art data acquisition.


The diagram below outlines the basic functional section of the FAST-UXGA boards. These are:

  • Collects data from two connectors of up to 52 GP inputs, while providing 12 GP outputs, at up to 166 MHz.
  • Raw PCI form factor board with dedicated high speed DDRAM intefrfaced toa Xilinx Virtex 5 FPGA ffor sustained real-time on-board storage
  • Programmable FPGA and memory subsystem for I/O interface configuration and processing
  • From zero to four PNX1702 VLIW processors for processing
  • PCIe x4 bus interface
  • Supported by standard firmware development tools, including fully optimized basic data manipulation, data formatting and image processing routines
  • Drivers for Windows® 2K/XP, Linux, and Solaris™



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